Erin, the mom.

My Story...So far I am here, I am a mom. I am a lot of other things, the list is long, but for now, let's call me Erin, the mom. My life changed on October 20th, 2008. I became a mom. My birth was LONG...30 or more hours, but who's counting. The first birth is so confusing, you do all the reading, everyone tells you to have a plan, but be sure not to have expectations, and have a plan B. Well, what the...? I'm not a planner, I work well under pressure. But, like any new mother, I had expectations. I didn't want drugs, I wanted to be in the tub, I wanted it quiet, and on and on. LONG story short, 24 hours in and baby wasn't dropping into my "well toned" pelvic floor, so I wasn't dila

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